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     N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide 99%

    Properties: White powder, Molecular formula:C7H10N2O2, Melting point: 185℃; relative density: 1.235. Dissolving in water and  in organic solvents such as ethanol, acelone, etc.
    Technical index:




    White Powder



    Water Insoluble(%)




    Acrylic acid(PPM)




    UsageIt can react with acrylamide to produce breakdown fluid or react with monomer to produce insoluble resin. It also can be used as crosslink agent. It also can be used in auxiliary, table cloth, health care diaper and AQ. resin. It is the material to separate the amino acid and the material of photosensitive nylon and plastic. It can be used as insoluble gel to reinforce the earth layer or added into the concrete to reduce the maintenance time and improve the resistance to water. Moreover, it also can be used in electronics, papermaking, printing, resin, coating and adhesive.
    Package: 25KG 3-in-1 composite bag with PE liner.
    Cautions: Avoid direct physical contact. Stored in dark, dry and ventilated place. Shelf time: 12 months.

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